FID - Fiducia Interoperable Data blockchain
Blockchain Layer of Fiducia Network
FID is a cross-chain interoperable blockchain that aggregates and connects real-world data, computation results, and APIs to smart contracts. Data in the FID ecosystem may be provided from data sources or cloud computation processes (i.e. computation results).
FID's flexible design allows developers to query any data including real-world events, sports, weather, random numbers, complex off-chain applications, and more. Developers can create custom-made connections from data sources and off-chain computation processes using WebAssembly to connect smart contracts within minutes.
The FID blockchain is designed to be compatible with most smart contract and blockchain development frameworks. It does the heavy lifting jobs of pulling data from external sources, aggregating them, and packaging them into the format that’s easy to use and verified efficiently across multiple blockchains.
FID is compatible with the Substrate and Cosmos ecosystems, and can be extended to include other blockchain ecosystems.
Last modified 10mo ago
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