Fiducia Network
REI - Remote Execution Interface
connecting FID and FCN
The Remote Execution Interface is the bridge between Fiducia Interoperable Data blockchain nodes and Fiducia Computing Network nodes, or more simply, between the blockchain and the data sources.
The REI may be invoked in two ways: 1) a module in the FID node 2) a serverless function hosed in the cloud.
The goal of this design is to separate data source execution processes from processes related to the validator node itself. This separation of execution will be beneficial in cases where the data sources are not working correctly ( infinite loop, bad code execution, for example). In those cases, such separation can prevent validator nodes from overloading or crashing due to the error.
From a FID validator perspective, all they have to do to execute a data source is to send an executable file content in JSON format (the data source script), along with the relevant calldata, to an endpoint, thus minimizing the work they have to do themselves.

Grid Computing Nodes

REI can also be the interface between FID and Grid Computing Node to perform complex tasks and even execute full fledged applications.
Developer need to define the tasks using the Fiducia WebAssembly Script and define the result verification mechanism.
The exchange between REI and Grid Computing Nodes is execution instructions and result data. The principle of loose coupling allows the Grid Computing Nodes to execute instructions over an arbitrary time period, while still provide the benefit of trust-less and distributed governance nature of blockchain.
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